Early in my life, I received a beautiful little black and silver box that turned out to be pure magic. The box unbeknownst to me at that moment was a catalyst for ten thousand days of adventures that would open so many doors. 


The box was not only a portal, but a gateway that could inexplicably impart alchemic knowledge on how to capture time, bend light, make the invisible visible, it taught me how to see upside down and backward while seeing forward and right side up at the same time.

The camera transported me from introspective adolescence to an adult world of concrete canyons, coral reefs, ice caves, red deserts, ancient jungle ruins, lush tropical gardens,  glass spires, white-capped mountains,  endless blue waters and all that inhabits those worlds.


 Forty years flew by capturing mirror images of these moments.  Years later as the dust settles there are silver negatives, color-saturated chromes, and stack upon stacks of unedited disks full of ones & zeros everywhere. It's now time to play with this mountain of unedited images that were once long-forgotten and squirreled away for a later day.


With the help of a little beeswax, some birchwood panels, super-gloss veneers, jet black carbons, color upon colors of vegetable pigments, paper, and canvas everywhere plus a  cabinet full of lost art processes it's time to print the archives.


If I described my photographic career It would be best to call it a journey down thousands of unknown paths. Most of the time these paths & adventures would lead me back home with some sort of reward materially or spiritually for simply documenting the this wild ride, sometimes  I'd just lucky just getting home in one piece from misadventures, it fun all the same.At the end of the day it has truly been about the journey and not the destination.



Now in the autumn of life, it is the time to edit small & print large...